Recently I read the Building Evolutionary Architectures: Support Constant Change book by Rebecca Parsons and Patrick Kua. I decided to read this title after a recommendation from Will Larson blogpost.

I had a high expectation for this book. I believe that this book will be kind of an eye-opener for me and I will get some deep knowledge insights. Am I disappointed by it? Yes, a little bit. But this does not mean that this book is a scam.

Authors spend many pages explaining the idea of fitness functions. I am taking it as a whole. Realy. I like it and already think which fitness function I can apply to projects I work in. What I miss is the catalogue of fitness functions grouped by category. Some place where I can get inspiration for defining my own fitness functions.

I am sure that less experienced software engineers will find useful knowledge and principles. There is a great overview of a couple of most used architecture types! There are plenty of moments when authors remind what is crucial for modern business - time to market and the possibility to change directions when needed. This book can be a good entry step into the topic of software architectures. If you are looking for some materials I recommend you to visit page. There are links to various materials about this topic, videos, podcasts, etc. There is even the section with katas which my by interesting team activity!