I don’t remember how I get to Will Larson Irrational Exuberance blog. But I remember that for sure that I need to read more than one blog post. While reading second or third, I started to wonder who is the author. On About page, I read Will Larson worked in Uber, Digg and Stripe. Top-notch companies. Moreover, I get to know that he wrote a book An Elegant Puzzle: Systems of Engineering Management. I decided that I should read it.

A couple of weeks later I bought a copy and sent it to my Kindle reader. After the first couple of pages, I noticed approaches that I can apply directly to my team. On later parts of the Elegant Puzzle, many things don’t apply to me. Mainly because it was about higher management, managing managers or even executives. I like the form of the book. Many topics, problem solutions are described as lists in points you should follow. It is helpful, but simple! The author relies mostly on his personal experience at successful tech companies.

A great part of the book is Appendix. You will find a list of books and technical papers recommended by the author. I must admit that a couple of books recommended by Larson were added to my wish list after reading a book.

I recommend this book to all folks working on engineering management positions. It is a very useful position for all working in rapidly growing companies. You will find a detailed prescription for forming your teams, reorganize the structure and hire engineers.