First of all lets write the full title Accelerate: The Science of Lean Software and DevOps: Building and Scaling High Performing Technology Organizations. What nice book it is! I took this book to train while commuting between Gdańsk and Cracow, together with my pal Tomek, The Agile Guy, some time ago and this book was a superb travel companion.

This book is like a scientific paper on software development and delivery. I learnt so many wise words and topics while reading it, not only about software development. Inside the book, you will find plenty of statements like

‘teams practising A can expect a change in metric B by X%’.

Moreover, there are proofs or references to other books, papers, studies that can provide more detailed information about a certain topic. Studies, numbers, practices … the first part of the book is full of them.

The second part is a detailed description of methodology and arguments why this methods of gathering data are valid. Also nice stuff, for me, but I think there might be readers bored by this kind of information. Although I think this knowledge about statistic is also written in an easy-reading format.

The third part is a guide on how to perform DevOps transformation in your organisation, but not very detailed. It is not recipe or step by step instruction how to be successful on software delivery. You need to figure it out by yourself, at least all techniques and metrics were described in the first part of the book.

Overall I recommend this book to anyone interested in DevOps, high performing teams and agility. It may be a starting point for many interesting lectures referenced in. Happy reading!